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facebook and privacy

May 21st, 2010 by Nick Seguin

i’ve listened to plenty of people complain recently and have read hundreds of reviews and positions on the topic of privacy and facebook.

my take? grow up. be a big person (tech literate or not) and deal with it. they wrote the code. you are benefiting from that code. you’re not paying anything for the experience. you don’t like it? get out. you’re not competent enough to understand controls or settings? get out.

if enough people leave, they will have rethink or augment their decision process. o, wait, they’re still adding thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of users per day. sorry, you lose.

take responsibility and quit leaning on other people. have expectations of yourself and if you decide to use something for free, stop whining. don’t


like it? vote with your feet.

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Carey Sullivan

So why is Facebook exempt from all of the social media best practices we’ve been talking about? Building a relationship. Building trust. Having a conversation. Listening to your community’s complaints and then changing to accommodate the community’s desires.

Did I miss something? I shared *some* of the most intimate details and photos of my life with Facebook and FB can go share those details with all of the world? If FB was an IRL friend, I would dump her. But, FB is not. It’s a very powerful platform. Is that an excuse?


Ben Bleikamp

Carey: those social media best practices apply to individuals and companies trying to utilize social media, not necessarily the companies providing the platform. I agree with Nick in that if you don’t like the way Facebook is handling privacy, quit using the platform.

No one signed up for Facebook because they want to be more private. The whole premise is sharing information. Why would you put intimate details about yourself on a website? It’s written by humans, mistakes will be made, and the data is never 100% secure.

Lastly, Facebook does listen to their users. But they don’t listen to a vocal minority whining. They listen to the majority of users who continue to use Facebook as if nothing happened – there are hundreds of millions of those users logging in every day.


Nick Seguin

@carey – ben replied with a spot on answer there, so ill try not to belabor any points.

something to remember – fb is a platform and a facilitator. yes, they are a brad too – and they, as other brands should, have decision criteria tied to analysis and numbers, not individual complaints. im sure they are keenly aware of the ramifications of viral communication ;) and if a defined tipping point is hit, you’ll see course correction – as we have in the past.

im tired of our culture of entitlement though. see my response to this blog post:

if you dont like it, dont do it. yes, we need to respect users, but users also need to assume responsibility.


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